photo highs // southern lows

"Ye canne take me freedom!"

photo galleries shots from thailand, new zealand and australia,
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every minute that comes is a chance to turn it all around
inspiration? energise your mind sonic-style in sound

defective design : t-shirts, websites, posters, cd-covers and logos
still dodgee, ahh yes

scribble n snap pop pap scha-wap, extra spice FOC word

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It's been a while, now working on helping Molecule clothing, they do some cool cargo shorts. I had a pair last me for 3 years before... Yeh it's been moer shorts than photos the last few years!
Another old site I made which is still meandering along is one about the Bay of Islands in NZ - if you're after some sweet places to stay, a drop in drop out place to bring the family, have a look at those places. It's a nice part of the world, up in Northland, NZ, worth a wee vacation...

get crazy, amaze me - try n knock me but hah u save me; keeps clickin, keeps tickin, realize:
swim the storm, buzz n swarm over the ideal like- yeh- u got eyes, its there heh but u cant reach nah nah nah